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Salesforce Motivation: Act Now

Chances are when companies large and small developed their salesforce incentive plans for 2020, in no way did they envision the unprecedented challenges to come with the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the current climate, salespeople — many who rely on variable pay programs tied to once more attainable business goals — may be filled with […]

[Salesforce Alert Dec. 2018] Selling the New Salesforce Incentive Plan & Effectively Communicating It

The year 2018 has been one of major volatility in many markets creating widespread uncertainty. In this environment, it is understandable that companies are evaluating the impact market volatility may have on their salesforce incentive plans for 2019. Fortunately, mindful planning and clear communication about your salesforce incentive plan can accelerate growth even in an […]

[Salesforce Alert June 2018] What Behavioral Economics Teaches Us About Salesforce Compensation

In his 2015 book Misbehaving, Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler addresses the concept of loss aversion and its impact on decision making. “Roughly speaking,” he asserts, “losing something makes you twice as miserable as gaining the same thing makes you happy.” For this reason, given the choice, people tend to put more energy into reducing […]

[Q1 Salesforce Alert] Case Study: Achieving Results–Aligning the Sales Strategy with a New Marketing Strategy

“Don’t sell me products. Instead, lead me to  solutions that incorporate your products.” (Vice President of a strategic account) In this issue of the Salesforce Alert newsletter, my colleague, Tim Weizer, shares a case study regarding a strategic change that helped achieve effective salesforce results. The senior sales executive of a middle-market financial services company […]

[AUG 2016 SALESFORCE ALERT] Passing or Failing a Stress Test

The focus on sales compensation is understandable as selling is, by far, the most expensive part of strategy implementation for most companies.  Five times the expenditures on all media advertising; 20 times larger than the money spent on all online marketing and advertising in 2013. Here are five areas to test your plan.  Focusing on […]