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Addressing Pay Equity

Pay equity is a topic that isn’t going away. Rather, the spotlight is only getting brighter. This makes understanding possible pay gaps between the men and women in your workplace and adopting proactive approaches to remedy pay inequities more important than ever. For instance, according to the American Association of University Women, 42 states as […]

Compensation Transparency: Why and How

March 2019 In our November Compensation Alert, we argued that compensation transparency leads to greater employee engagement. When done correctly—with a well-defined plan and communications approach—compensation transparency becomes a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent. Although there is widespread agreement on the benefits of pay transparency in the workplace, what is not always […]

[Salesforce Alert Dec. 2018] Selling the New Salesforce Incentive Plan & Effectively Communicating It

The year 2018 has been one of major volatility in many markets creating widespread uncertainty. In this environment, it is understandable that companies are evaluating the impact market volatility may have on their salesforce incentive plans for 2019. Fortunately, mindful planning and clear communication about your salesforce incentive plan can accelerate growth even in an […]

How Compensation Communication Promotes Employee Engagement

With unemployment at low levels and the economy continuing to expand, the need for compensation transparency is at an all-time high. Increasingly, employees are also making more demands for visibility into their rewards programs. If your employees aren’t asking directly for this transparency, they are likely seeking information elsewhere from peers, for example, or through […]

[Comp Alert October 2018] How to Develop a Compensation Strategy

Last June in our Compensation Alert, we discussed how to develop a compensation strategy. As year-end compensation planning approaches for many companies, we think this topic is timely and worth revisiting with updates to address current trends. Compensation strategy is part of a company’s human resource strategy and should be integrated with all other elements […]

[Salesforce Alert June 2018] What Behavioral Economics Teaches Us About Salesforce Compensation

In his 2015 book Misbehaving, Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler addresses the concept of loss aversion and its impact on decision making. “Roughly speaking,” he asserts, “losing something makes you twice as miserable as gaining the same thing makes you happy.” For this reason, given the choice, people tend to put more energy into reducing […]